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Be aware of the biggest supplier in the darknet. Currently, the biggest player in terms of the number of CC and DUMPS sold and daily deliveries is BidenCash.

Main BidenCash website

BidenCash first launched in June 2022. Its operators have spearheaded similar promotion campaigns: last December, BidenCash’s operators offered users a dataset containing over 1.9 million stolen cards.

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The largest carding community

Likewise, the operators of BidenCash have formed the largest darknet carding community on Telegram. In it, hundreds of people daily develop new schemes and discuss ways to circumvent anti-fraud systems.

Cards price

As for the CVV section, BidenCash offers individually patched cards from most countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain. UK, Ireland, Israel italy, Turkey and more. USA CVV prices range from $0.02 USD


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